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Early Childhood Center


The main objective of our summer program is to provide the children with a fun and safe summer. We seek to offer a program which broadens each child's experiences in an exciting, social and non-competitive environment.

The staff is the heart and soul of our organization. At The Community Synagogue, each group is supervised by experienced, responsible adult early childhood professionals who understand what is best and developmentally appropriate for young children. All of our groups are kept small for maximum supervision and individual attention for each child.

The Community Synagogue's Summer Program, in operation for over 30 years, has been developed to meet the needs of the young child. Our program enables children to enjoy a fun and safe summer playing and learning in our state-of-the-art beautiful Early Childhood Center and our 12-acre wooded estate. 

ACTIVITIES: Both the indoor and outdoor facilities of the synagogue are available for our summer program. When not outdoors, the children use our air-conditioned, well-equipped classrooms and building. Some of our activities include: outdoor classroom • sports • water play • bicycle riding • 3 beautiful playgrounds • arts & crafts • literacy • indoor playroom • yoga classes • games • creative movement • and more! 

SPECIAL EVENTS & ACTIVITIES: weekly theme days • petting zoo • carnival • and much more. 

Please note: For member pricing please contact the ECC Office.

2's 4 days (M-Th, 9:20-12:20pm) — $3,160
2's 5 days (M-F, 9:20-12:20pm) — $3,580
3's & 4's 5 days (M-F, 9-1pm) — $3,580
3's & 4's 5 days (M-F, 9-2pm) — $4,470

Tuition will be divided into four equal installments, the first being at time of registration.
Balance must be paid in full by May 16th. A full refund is available before May 16th, less a $50 administration fee. After May 16th, there will be no refunds.

Registration Form

   2's 4 days (M-Th, 9:20-12:20pm) - $3,160.00 - Fully Booked
   2's 5 days (M-F, 9:20-12:20pm) - $3,580.00 - Fully Booked
   3's & 4's 5 days (M-F, 9-2pm) - $4,470.00 - Fully Booked

If the class you are looking to enroll in is full, you can join the waitlist by clicking here.


Please include any physical, medical, emotional, developmental or language conditions/delays your child has.
Additional Children
Please include any physical, medical, emotional, developmental or language conditions/delays your child has.
A receipt will be emailed to this address. 

  • (We) I understand tuition is divided into 4 installments. The balance is due to be paid in full by May 16. A full refund is available before May 16, less a $50 administration fee. After May 16, there will be no refunds.
  • We (I) understand that if a class gets COVID-19 and they need to quarantine for 10 days, there will be no virtual camp. Families will be credited 50% of the determined daily rate to their temple account.
  • If we (I) or the emergency phone number given to the ECC Office cannot be reached, The Community Synagogue has permission to provide that which in ECC's judgment considers necessary medical attention to our (my) expense.
  • We (I) understand that the obligation to pay the tuition for the summer program is unconditional and no portion of such fees will be refunded or canceled including absence or withdrawal from the school. We (I) also understand that no refunds, credits or cancellations of fees will be made for school closings or extended vacations.
  • Group and teacher placement is at the sole discretion of the Camp Director.
  • I give my permission for my name, address, email and telephone number to be included on my child's class list and our home and cell telephone number on our telephone notification system.
  • If your child receives any type of services (OT, PT, Speech, ABA., is assigned at SEIT, etc.); or is physically challenged, has a medical or emotional condition, a developmental or language delay, or anything out of the norm, this must be discussed with the Director before registering your child (or as soon as you become aware of it, if you have already registered) to determine the proper placement and/or appropriateness of the ECC for your child.
  • A child is permitted to attend the ECC as long as they can function within the structure and ratio of our classes. If on a regular basis, a child requires the individual attention of a staff member to function in his or her class, the teacher, Director and parent will meet to determine if there is a way to allow the child to remain at the ECC. If it is determined that the child requires additional supervision to be able to remain at the ECC, any expense required for additional staff will be paid by the child's parents. 
  • The Community Synagogue Early Childhood Center reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate our (my) child's attendance. In such an event, tuition will be pro-rated for the period attended unless the termination is attributable to non-payment of tuition on the dates stated on the application.
  • A minimum number of children are needed to run any of the listed programs. If the ECC does not receive adequate registration to hold the program you registered for, the ECC will inform you as soon as possible, let you know what if any other option is available or refund your deposit, if you so desire. 
  • Our (my) child has permission to be photographed at the ECC and for the photographs to be used in ECC publications and synagogue bulletin.
  • Orientation Dates: June 27 for all the 2's, 3's, and 4's programs.
  • Camp is closed on Monday, July 4.
  • The last day of the Summer Program is Friday, August 12.


Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyar 5782