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Do a Mitzvah
Help Others, Have Fun and Make a Difference

at The Community Synagogue Sponsored
Dinner/Dance for Residents of Port Washington


When:        Saturday, December 16, 2023
From:          6:00 - 10:15 PM for food prep, table set up, waiting tables, supervising children, cleanup
                       and more!

Volunteers are needed to help residents of Port Washington who could use a little help.  We are providing a free, relaxing evening of dinner and dancing for our neighbors. Supervised activities and dinner for children will be available in a separate room for guests who come with young children.

We ask all volunteers to RVSP to, specifying the activities in which they wish to participate. Replies should include your interest (kitchen duty/food prep, set up, waiting tables, caregiving for young children, supervising tweens/teens, clean up).


Volunteer Assignment Details

Assignment Details Location

Set up
arrive at 6:00 PM Congregation Hall

Work in the Kitchen
(for adults and children over 13 years of age)

beginning at 6:00 PM Kitchen

Wait Tables &
Spend time with Guests

beginning at 7:00 PM Congregation Hall

Work with Younger Children
beginning at 6:45 PM Multipurpose Room
Work with Older Children beginning at 6:45 PM
(NOTE: A security guard will remain in close proximity of this activity)

Clean up
from approx. 8:45 – 10:15 PM Congregation Hall & Kitchen


We are grateful for the generosity of Community Dinners sponsor - Comfort Diner

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784