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Philosophy & Mission


Our educational philosophy at the ECC is anchored in the belief that as a child’s first learning experience, we provide the important foundation that begins a child’s lifelong journey of learning and exploration.

In our classrooms, we believe that:

  • Children learn best through hands-on-activities.
  • Learning experiences should be diverse, creative, and developmentally appropriate.
  • Every child is treated as a unique individual. Teachers differentiate learning experiences to meet the needs of all children in the learning environment.
  • Children should be encouraged to take risks, to make mistakes and to learn how to problem-solve, with the support of both their teachers and their peers.
  • The social-emotional development of young children is important to a child’s success in life. Learning how to be a good friend, to honor the thoughts and feelings of others, and to ask thoughtful questions will help prepare children to face the world outside the walls of our school.

The classroom schedule exists to provide routine and to help children build trust amongst their teachers and peers and to feel safe at school. Transitions within the schedule become predictable as they move from one activity to the next.  The daily schedule is balanced with both child and teacher directed activities, indoor and outdoor play, meal times, and time spent learning with our clergy and enrichment specialists.

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Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784