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It's Time for Me(nopause)

Book Review

Time for Me(nopause), an existing Community (small) Group at The Community Synagogue, invites you to join our community for a Book Review.

We will be discussing women's health, a greater understanding of navigating perimenopause and menopause, longevity and lifestyle changes, and shifts in women's health research.

Our goal is to create a larger safe space for like minded women of all ages to connect, discuss, share, and support one another and other women.

Book of the Month:

 “The New Menopause” Navigating Your Path Through Hormonal Change with Purpose, Power, and Facts. The book is available now on Amazon or IPad/Kindle Apps

• • •

Book Review Meeting:

Monday, June 10th
at 12pm


Interested women should email Linda Moslow, Community Group leader, at

Thu, May 23 2024 15 Iyar 5784