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In a Time of Need

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The Community Synagogue is a partner congregation of the UJA-Federation of New York's Partners in Caring (PIC) program, which offers short term counseling, support groups, resources and referrals, and community workshops addressing the following needs:


• Parenting

• Marital Concerns

• Divorce / Separation

• Care-giving

• Geriatric Care


• Wellness

• Unemployment / Career

• Transitions

• Legal

• Financial

To be connected to Partners in Caring, contact Rabbi Zeplowitz, Cantor Franco, Shari Isserles, or call PIC directly at 516-484-1545.

About Partners in Caring

Partners in Caring (PIC) is a social service arm of partner synagogues and the JCC, supplementing and complementing the services and care provided by each organization with professional social work support to clergy, professionals, leadership, membership and the greater community.  PIC helps create a caring responsive Jewish community.  With over 100 years of combined social work experience, PIC's team of caring and professional social work professionals is our Jewish community social service resource.  Since its inception in our community in 2004, over 10,000 people have found support in Partners in Caring.

During difficult economic times, the Jewish community is here for you.  Partners in Caring is your liaison to UJA-Federation of New York's Connect-to-Care services.  Counseling on employment and career transition, legal and financial issues is available through Connect-to-Care.

Partners In Caring Staff:
Michelle Laser, Director of Social Services
Randy Hight, LCSW
Margy Ringelheim, LMSW

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Bereavement Support

We would like to highlight information about the bereavement support group run by Partners in Caring (PIC).

Grief after the loss of a loved one is a normal and necessary response and process.  The transition during this difficult time can be overwhelming and lonely.

The PIC 8 week bereavement support group provides a supportive and safe environment where people can share their feelings with others in similar circumstances.  Learn practical coping strategies on how to navigate through the grieving process.  All groups are facilitated by caring, professional social workers and meets at the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center in East Hills.

Partners in Caring also offers individual counseling and small, intimate, age and life stage appropriate groups for those who have lost a spouse, partner, child or parent.  Additionally, PIC can provide information about other support groups and resources available in the community. 

If you or someone you know may be interested in learning about PIC bereavement groups, please call  516-484-1545 ext. 196 for more information.  Phone calls are always free and confidential.

Information about how to deal with the painful issues related to dying and death can be found in our congregational guide "A Time to Prepare: A Guide for Mourning.

May you find refuge under God's wings. God's angels will guard you where ever you go and carry you in their hands.  Psalm 91:4 and 11

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Separation / Divorce Support Group

"I've never felt so alone in my life, that is until I went to the Separation / Divorce group at Sid Jacobson JCC."Separation / Divorce Support group at Sid Jacobson JCC All groups are small, intimate, age and life-stage appropriate. Eight session cycles. Groups are facilitated by caring, experienced, professional social workers at Sid Jacobson JCC in East Hills.

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Strength to Strength Cancer Wellness Program

For individuals living with cancer and their families, life is full of unexpected obstacles. They are confronted daily with complicated medical jargon, frightening choices and ongoing isolation. While doctors work tirelessly to combat the disease, they are too over-burdened to care for the emotional and exercise needs of their patients. 

Where the doctors and hospitals end, Sid Jacobson JCC’s Strength to Strength Wellness Programs begin. Strength to Strength provides specialized exercise and supportive discussions tailored to the practical and emotional issues of cancer survivorship all free of charge and open to the whole community. Participants in the program span from the newly diagnosed, those in the throes of chemotherapy and radiation treatment and those who have recently completed treatment. 

“Strength to Strength offers a place for people to go to be with others who have similar concerns about their cancer diagnosis. They share information, support and, at times, laughter. In time, they become stronger both emotionally and physically,” Randy Hight, LCSW, and coordinator of Strength to Strength, says. “Members appreciate that the group and all of its services are free, since dealing with cancer is often a strain financially.” 

For more information about Strength to Strength contact Randy Hight, LCSW 516-484-1545 x213

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