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When Death Occurs

Whatever time of the day or night, when a death occurs, we are here for you, and we ask that you call the synagogue at 516-883-3144. If someone is not immediately available, a message on our answering machine will direct you to one of our Rabbis or to our Cantor. If a death occurs at night, please note that arrangements for funerals cannot be made until the next day, although the funeral home of your choice (and which you call directly) can pick up the deceased at any hour.

The support and counsel of our clergy is always available in a time of emergency. In most instances, when a death occurs at night, you can call any of our clergy early the following morning to make the necessary arrangements (including finding a funeral home in the area).

The day and hour of the funeral service should be decided only after consultation with the officiating Rabbi and/or Cantor. Please do not assume that a time for the funeral is set until this is confirmed by the Rabbi and/or Cantor.

Beth Moses Cemetary

Cemetery Plots

The Community Synagogue has cemetery plots at  Beth Moses Cemetery on Long Island available for purchase by its members.

The advance purchase of burial space is a thoughtful and loving act that spares families the need to make such decisions at a difficult time. To learn about purchasing burial sites through the synagogue,  please call the main office to make an appointment (516) 883-3144 ext. 322. A member of the Cemetery committee will help you make your decision as a family, calmly and thoughtfully before a time of need.

The Light of God is the Soul of a PersonMemorial Plaques

Jewish tradition sees memory as a sacred act, allowing us to be inspired by the good in a loved one’s life and live more fully in our own days.  A yahrzeit plaque allows for a permanent remembrance of a loved one, ensuring that his or her name will be recalled in perpetuity in our congregation.

Plaques may be ordered at the Synagogue Main Office, 516-883-3144 ext 322.

Click here for our Yahrzeit Memorial Plaque Order Form. 

Sun, October 24 2021 18 Cheshvan 5782