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Acts of tzedakah (righteous giving) reflect the traditional Jewish value of caring for others, essential to the sacred mission of The Community Synagogue. Your donation sustains the holy work of our congregation to provide spiritually enriching opportunities for our members, the broader Port Washington community and the wider world in which we live.

Your tzedakah supports:

  • Worship services and Jewish holiday programs 
  • Religious School and Youth Groups 
  • Social, religious and educational programming
  • Our ability to welcome all who wish to affiliate with the congregation, whatever their status or stage in life
  • Our historic and beautiful building
  • The connection we make with other Reform Jews in the United States and around the world
  • Our wide-ranging efforts to repair the world (tikkun olam)

Your generosity enables us to expand upon our mission to create a kehillah k’doshah — a sacred community — in which your donation makes you an integral part. We are deeply grateful.


Synagogue Fund

To support ongoing operations of The Community Synagogue

Safety & Security Fund

To support the ongoing safety, security and protection of our members, visitors and facility.

Book Fund

To purchase prayer books for the synagogue, keep our Torahs in good repair and maintain our synagogue library.

Early Childhood Center Fund

To purchase non-budgeted items to enhance our Early Childhood Center curriculum and programs.

Endowment Fund

To help secure the financial stability of the synagogue for future generations.

Mitzvah Corps Fund

To support mitzvoth—deeds and programs—within and outside the community, overseen by our Mitzvah Corps.

Music Fund

To enhance musical components of worship and support music programming for the synagogue.

POWTY/Youth Group Fund

To purchase non-budgeted items to enhance youth engagement and to assist those who are financially unable to participate in youth programming.

Rabbi Rozenberg Discretionary Fund

A traditional rabbinic fund overseen by Rabbi Emeritus Martin Rozenberg.

Rabbis' Discretionary Fund

A traditional fund for discretionary use by the Rabbis, generally for tzedakah.

Religious School Fund

To purchase non-budgeted items to enhance the Religious School curriculum and programs.

Theater Fund

To support The Community Synagogue Theater Company and other theater-related synagogue programming.

Tzedakah/Social Action Fund

To help fund programs of social action, social justice and mitzvot (good deeds).

Tree Dedication

Be part of a meaningful and traditional act of helping sow for the future by planting a tree to beautify the synagogue grounds now and for future generations. Donate Here>

The Community Synagogue offers many opportunities for tzedakah (righteous giving).  The generosity of our members and so many others helps sustain our congregation, the broader Port Washington Community and the world in which we live.  Donations can add to the joy of simchas, help comfort those who have suffered a loss, honor an individual, provide funds for tikkun olam (healing the world), and much more. 

Your donation to one of the funds listed will be used as specified. If you don't have a favorite, we suggest our Synagogue Fund, which offers the greatest flexibility in providing funding wherever the need is greatest.

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