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TCS President

President - Dr. Mark Eisenberg

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Mark and his wife Jill moved to Port Washington in July of 1996 with their 16 month old twins, Jacob and Taylor.  A chance meeting with Rabbi Torop (the Assistant Rabbi at the time) led to Mark attending the Shabbat morning Torah Study group and Havurah service.  Mark and Jill joined The Community Synagogue in 1998 and quickly realized that TCS was the synagogue home they were looking for.

Mark and his family are deeply committed to The Community Synagogue and share a passion for Judaism as a family.  Mark is particularly connected through prayer, ritual and various board and lay leadership roles over the years.  His service has included acting as the Co-Chair on several of our Rabbinic Searches, Co-Chairing our Religious Living Committee and serving on the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board of Trustees in years past. Mark continues to be a regular at Shabbat Morning Torah Study and Havurah Service.


Jill and Mark met at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC while Mark was a Resident and Jill was working as a Clinical Dietitian.  They are blessed with their twins Jacob and Taylor who have grown up with TCS as their home away from home. They started religious school at the same time as kindergarten, became B’nai Mitzvah in 2008, were confirmed in 2012 and were active leaders in POWTY, holding Vice President and President positions. Jacob lives out of town but Taylor lives in NYC, close enough to be involved in the new Mindful Leadership Institute program.

As President, Mark wants to bring his love of Torah, and all that it offers as a guide, to his work as President.  The sacred partnerships that we form with each other, our clergy and our professional staff are the foundations for all of the work that Mark is looking forward to doing on behalf of our congregation. 

Mark feels blessed that he and his family have been a part of our Kehillah K’doshah, our sacred community, for the past 22 years, connecting with so many people who have made the lives of his family so much richer than they were before they met them.

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