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Yom HaShoah – Day of Remembrance

Another time, another place, it could have been us!


The Face of the Holocaust  by Aaron Morgan

The twenty-seventh day of Nisan (in 2023 the candle lighting is Monday evening, April 17th) is the day on which Jews throughout the world recall the six million Jews of Europe who were tortured and murdered during the Holocaust. This date was chosen for Yom HaShoah by the Israeli Knesset because it falls between the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Israel's Independence Day. On this day, we recall the splendor of the lives of the European Jews. There is no adequate reaction to the Holocaust, but WE must NEVER FORGET its victims or their message to us.

The Brotherhood of TCS's Holocaust Memorial and Education Endowment Fund (HMEEF) is sending this Memorial (Yahrzeit) candle to YOU. Through our Holocaust education programs we hope to enlighten our congregation, especially our religious school children, to what happened and to help them become citizens who would never allow this to happen again. We commit ourselves to the responsibility for one another, to build on this earth a world that has no room for hatred, bigotry, or violence.

Educational programs are for our religious school and congregation, often coordinated with the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center. Programs include: 
 • Holocaust survivor guest speakers
 • Witness theater productions
 • Holocaust survivor programs are recorded and kept in TCS library
 • TCS Holocaust related library books & videos
 • High School Senior Holocaust Scholarship Essay Contest
       ► 2022 winner: Isabelle Kitay

This Candle Program is the sole source of funding for the HMEEF
To make a donation to help continue the HMEEF's fight against intolerance, bigotry, and hate, please CLICK HERE.

The Holocaust Memorial and Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship

2023 Scholarship Question for Schreiber HS Seniors:

The past several years have seen a marked increase in acts of anti-Semitism across the nation. Expressions of hatred toward Jews have entered the political mainstream and popular culture. What steps can be taken to confront anti-Semitism and prevent a recurrence of past horrors?

Brotherhood Memorial Day Parade 2013To help continue the HMEEF's mission to fight against intolerance, hate and bigotry, please consider making a contribution to the Brotherhood using the donation form below.

Thank you for supporting the Yom HaShoah program.
Evan Goldman, Dr. Howard Heiman, Steve Kaplan, Roger Lifson, and Dr. Jonathan Schiff
HMEEF Administrators


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Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784