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Our Response to an Incident of Anti-Semitism at Schreiber

Shalom Friends,

Yesterday, November 17th, a student at Schreiber High School discovered a swastika drawn on a tile in one of the bathrooms.  The student took a photo of the swastika and posted a message against hate.

The rabbis and cantors of the Port Washington synagogues are aware of this incident.  We have been in touch with David Miller, Vice Principal of Schreiber High School, who is the point person on this issue and is working with agencies that fight bigotry and intolerance. We are also in conversation with other clergy in Port Washington about how to respond appropriately  -  to this, in particular, and to support the schools more generally in dealing with words and/or acts of hate.  

As events unfold, we will keep The Community Synagogue community updated. Please know that our clergy team are here as a resource for our community - adults, teens, and children. You can reach us any time by phone or email with any further questions or concerns.

This Sunday, November 20th, at 5 pm, the synagogues and churches of our community will join together at The Community Synagogue to celebrate Thanksgiving.  This annual service is emblematic of our ongoing commitment to diversity and tolerance in Port Washington and in the United States.  We hope you will join us to welcome our Port Washington neighbors as a sign of solidarity in support of pluralism, co-existence and tolerance as the hallmarks of our great nation.

Let us all be vigilant ...  friends, neighbors, and citizens -- ready to speak out against any act of hate -- directed against anyone.  As the Torah teaches us (Leviticus): לא תעמד על דם רעיך Lo ta'amod al dahm rey-echah --"Do not stand idly by when someone else is in danger."

שבת שלום  Shabbat Shalom,


Rabbi Zeplowitz, Rabbi Burkeman and Cantor Franco

Sat, May 30 2020 7 Sivan 5780