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Torah Blessings

The reading of the Torah is considered the high point of the Shabbat morning worship service. The doors of the ark open, and all eyes are fixed on the scrolls. The Torah is taken from the ark and carried through the sanctuary in a circuit called a hakafah. It is traditional, as a sign of respect, never to turn one’s back to the Torah. As the scroll is processed around the sanctuary, the worshippers continually turn to face it.

Haftarah Blessings - Read the prayers recited before and after reading the Torah

Torah Blessings - Read the prayers

Blessing Before Reading Torah -  Cantor Claire Franco

Blessing After Reading Torah -  Cantor Claire Franco

Tallit Blessing - We encourage all who are becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at The Community Synagogue to wear a  tallit for the Shabbat morning ceremony. Reform Judaism, with its emphasis on equality, advocates that both women and men can wear the tallit.

Personal Prayers - for Parents of B'nai Mitzvah

The Shehecheyanu - The shehecheyanu is one of the most precious blessings that we can say. According to Jewish tradition, it is recited in thanksgiving for arriving at any special, joyous occasion in one’s life.

Aliyah - The word aliyah means "ascending" and refers to the act of going up to the Torah and reciting the blessing over the Torah.

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