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Passover with The Community Synagogue
Join us as we study together, share a virtual seder together, and worship together this Passover פסח holiday. 

Whether you're looking for Passover music to incorporate into your seder or songs to get you in the mood as you clean, cook, or prep for the holiday,
click here for two family-friendly playlists. 

Saturday, March 27

Passover as the Ultimate Goal of Creation – 9:00 AM
Our weekly Shabbat morning Torah Study will focus on why Passover is the real culmination of the Creation story and ties together the hope of the Book of Genesis with the fulfillment of the book of Exodus. 
Register to participate in this pre-Pesach study on Zoom here, or watch on Facebook


Pesach 'Online' Seders
Don't let this modern-day plague keep you down. Join in The Community Synagogue's online seders on the first evening of Passover:

For Families with Young Children – 5:30 PM
Led by Rabbinic Intern Jill Rubin and Cantorial Intern Kevin McKenzie, this seder will only be available to watch on Facebook. We invite you to download the Haggadah here to follow along. 


For Adults, Teens, & Families with Older Children – 6:30 PM
To participate with Rabbi Z and Rabbi Sank Ross in this seder only available on Zoom, please register in advance here. No need to provide your own Haggadah as it will be shared on screen, but you can download the one will be using here* and display it on your own device. 
*Please note, this is copyrighted material for use for our seder only and not to be printed. 

Sunday, March 28

Pesach Worship Service (1st Day) – 10:30 AM
For a participatory experience on Zoom, please register in advance here, or watch on Facebook. 

Saturday, April 3

Pesach Worship Service (7th Day & Shabbat) – 10:30 AM
For a participatory experience on Zoom, please register in advance here, or watch on Facebook. 

Passover Playlists

The first playlist is great for listeners of all ages; the second is especially geared for families with young children. Enjoy!


Sun, October 24 2021 18 Cheshvan 5782