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Each workshop listed below will meet four times throughout the year:

Begins in October

My Plate Overfloweth
Raising a Mensch Now What

Begins in November

Begins in December

Let's Create
Courageous Conversations


Per person, each workshop is $54 for members | $72 for non-members
Scholarships available. Please contact Rabbi Sank Ross.

My Plate Overfloweth
Let's cook (and eat) through the Jewish year: Grilling for Fall, Frying for Chanukah, Baking for Winter, and Cooking for Passover.

My Plate Overfloweth with Vegetables
Thursday, October 7 at 10:30 AM on Zoom
with JBC Cookbook Author Steven Raichlen of "How to Grill Vegetables". To learn more about Steven Raichlen and his cookbook, click here.

My Plate Overfloweth with Chanukah
Thursday, December 2 at 10:30 AM
with Rabbi Sank Ross and Lindsay Ganci

My Plate Overfloweth with Sweets
Monday, January 31 at 8:00 PM on Zoom
with JBC Cookbook Authors Merelyn Chalmers, Natanya Eskin, and Lisa Goldberg of "Now for Something Sweet". To learn more about the cookbook, click here.

My Plate Overfloweth with Passover
Thursday, March 24 at 10:30 AM on Zoom
with TCS VP of Member Engagement Hayley Foster, making her grandma's real matzo ball soup. Open to all who would like to join! RSVP to Lindsay Ganci.

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Raising a Mensch
Jewish Parenting for parents of tweens/teens on topics including: Learning from Failure, Managing Change, Building Resilience, and Measuring Success.

Managing Change & Teaching Children to be Independent and Generous
Thursday, October 14 at 7:30 PM   
with Cantor Franco

Accepting and Learning from Failure & Saying No with Love
Thursday, December 9 at 7:30 PM
with Cantor Franco

The Child Mind Institute
Thursday, January 13 at 8:00 PM
with leading child and adolescent psychiatrist, founding president and director of the Child Mind Institute in New York and California, and JBC author, Harold Koplewicz, MD, of "The Scaffold Effect". To learn more about Howard Koplewicz and his book, click here.

Dealing with Peer Pressure & External Pressures to Succeed
Thursday, February 3 at 7:30 PM
with Cantor Franco

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Now What
Getting older is something each of us do, whether we choose to or not, every day. Explore how we can get older better by: Fostering Relationships, Giving Back in Meaningful Ways, Planning for What We Don't Want to Plan For, and Living a Purpose-Driven, Meaningful, Fulfilling Life.

Getting Along with Others
Thursday, October 14 at 9:30 AM
with Rabbi Z on fostering good relations with older (or adult) children, grandchildren, and friends, as well as finding a meaningful community

Thursday, November 18 at 9:30 AM
with Rabbi Z on how to give back in ways that build on our life's experiences

Planning for What We Don't Want to Plan For
Thursday, January 6 at 9:30 AM
with Rabbi Z on health care directives, living wills, end of life decisions, and funeral plans

A Purpose-Driven Life
Tuesday, March 29 at 9:30 AM
with Rabbi Z on how to live in meaningful, fulfilling ways after our children are out the door

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Let's Create
Learn new art forms with experts in four mediums: Metal Jewelry, Writing, Glass, and Painting.
No experience required.

Let's Create Metal Jewelry/Art
Wednesday, November 10 at 7:00 PM
with TCS and Sisterhood member Caryn Ronis

Let's Write
Wednesday, February 9 at 7:30 PM
with Emmy-award winning writer, actor, skilled storytelling coach, and JBC Author Corey Rosen of "Your Story Well Told". To learn more about Corey Rosen and his book, click here.

Let's Create Stained Glass Art
Wednesday, March 23 at 7:00 PM
with TCS Executive Director Jeff Rembrandt

Let's Paint
Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00 PM
with local artist Joan Stevens

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Courageous Conversations
Foster respectful, curiosity-driven dialogue on four challenging topics: Israel, Capital Punishment, Free Speech, and Racial Justice.

A Courageous Conversation About Israel
Monday, December 13 at 7:30 PM on Zoom
with Cantor Franco and JBC Author Daniel Sokatch on "Can We Talk About Israel". To learn more about Daniel Sokatch and his book, click here.

A Courageous Conversation About Capital Punishment
Thursday, January 27 at 7:30 PM on Zoom
with Cantor Franco and JBC Author Marc Bookman of "A Descending Spiral". To learn more about Marc Bookman and his book, click here.

A Courageous Conversation About Free Speech
Wednesday, March 16 at 7:30 PM on Zoom
with Cantor Franco and JBC Author Suzanne Nossel of "Dare to Speak". To learn more about Suzanne Nossel and her book, click here.

A Courageous Conversation About Racial Justice
TBD, at 7:00 PM
with Cantor Franco as we prepare for our congregation's Fall 2022 Civil Rights Journey Trip

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