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Your Guide to Passover during COVID

Passover is the most widely observed Jewish holiday, and the one most celebrated at home.

This year of course, our home celebrations will continue, but with far fewer people and with unique challenges to include friends and family.

Below is a guide prepared by the clergy and senior staff to assist you with your Seder, cooking and holiday preparations.

This year, in the middle of a modern-day plague, we need Passover more than ever.

First Night פסח Pesach Online Seders
Wednesday, April 8

Don’t let this modern-day plague keep you down. Join in The Community Synagogue’s first-ever online Seders.

For families with young children

5:30 pm – on Facebook Live only

For adults and families with older children

6:30 pm – to participate on this Zoom Seder,  register in advance, here or simply watch on Facebook Live.

Note: No need to provide your own Haggadah as it will be shared on screen, but if you want to download the one that we will be using for the older student, teen and adult seder you can access it here. Please note that this is copyright material. Please use these for your seder, but do not print hard copies.

For Families and Adults
Click here to download

For Young Children or for those who like a shorter Seder
Click here to download

How to Create Your Own Family Haggadah
Click here to watch the video

Seder Prep Checklist
Read more here

How to Prepare a Seder Plate
Click here to watch the video

How to Make Matzah at Home
Click here to watch the video

How to Cook for a Pared Down Seder
Read more here

Nut Free Charoset Recipes
Read more here

Lindsay Ganci’s Favorite Activities for Children

Make Your Own Matzah Cover
Read more here

Make a Felt Seder Plate
Read more here

Color Passover Story Character Puppets
Learn more here

Passover Sing-a-Long with Miss Stacy

מלב ללב M'lev l'lev: "From Heart to Heart"Spiritual Resources for strength and hope

   Words to inspire ...

Prayers, Meditations, Stories to Inspire and and Joyful Offerings

  • Stress Reduction through free Jewish meditations and moments of calm offered by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.

  • Blog post on the power of strong communities.

  • Shabbat סדור siddur (prayer book) []  - Mishkan T'filah - courtesy of the Central Conference of American Rabbiz

Prayer for Healing, Prayer for Hand-Washing,  Prayer for Travelers, and Prayer for Caregivers/Healers

Music from near and far

 Educational Resources

Jewish Education Project

Jewish Federations of North America

Union for Reform Judaism

Ideas for families with children


Latest News regarding closings, changes to schedule and more...
Letter to congregation – March 16, 2020
Letter to congregation – March 12, 2020
Letter to congregation – March 6, 2020

UJA’s Community Resource page

As promised, sharing this robust community resources page, which will continue to evolve as new resources become available for individuals and organizations. Check back for updates.

Access services live - or archived - here.

Interest-free loans for members of the Jewish community

The Hebrew Free Loan Society (supported by the UJA-Federation of New York) is offering interest-free bridge loans for anyone affected by the coronavirus who lives in greater New York (including Long Island).  Interest-free loans of $2,000-$5,000 are available for purposes including (but not limited to) lost wages due to being unable to go to work, childcare costs due to school closures, small business losses, canceled study abroad programs, related medical costs. Find more information here and please share with anyone in your communities who may be affected.


Important hotlines

  1. People under self-quarantine or exposure to known case, call (866) 588-0195

  2. NYS Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline: (888) 364-3065

  3. Nassau County COVID-19 information: call 311

General Information

  1. New York State Department of Health
  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  3. World Health Organization (WHO)
  4. JCRC (Jewish Community Relations Council

Need Help? Want to Volunteer?
Introducing our TCS Neighbors Network

As a קהילה קדושה Kehillah K’doshah, a sacred community, now more than ever is the time when we are putting these words into action with the introduction of our TCS Neighbors Network. The Community Synagogue Neighbors Network allows us to organize resources and non-emergency/non-medical aid to assist families and individuals in our synagogue community.

This effort is for both those who need assistance and for those who are looking for an opportunity to help.  

Here are some of the services offered through TCS Neighbors Network:

  • grocery shopping
  • picking up prescriptions
  • other essential errands
  • friendly phone calls from clergy and congregants

Please click on the link below to let us know your specific needs or if you’d like to volunteer.  Or you can contact our TCS Neighborhood Network Coordinator, Allison Merims directly at or by phone at 516-441-0867 (All calls will be returned promptly.)

Together as a community we can get through these difficult and uncertain times knowing that above all, we are here for each other.

Register Here

Thu, April 9 2020 15 Nisan 5780