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Adam Finkelstein

My name is Adam Finkelstein and I was born on a very cold Winter night in Brooklyn, NY in December of 1968. My family moved from Brooklyn to Long Beach, New York when I was almost two and since then I have never been comfortable living too far from a major body of water.  I met my wife Karen at the end of our sophmore year at SUNY Albany and she has stuck with me since then becoming my best friend and the greatest partner I could have hoped for in the process. 

Karen and I have been part of the Port Washington community for fourteen years having moved here from New York City when our oldest son, Jake, was just one year old.  Two years later our son Max was born and our involvement with the Community Synagogue began with Max starting the ECC at the tender age of 2.  I have to add that our miniature Goldendoodle, Ollie, joined us four years after Max finished the 2’s and completed the family.

Little did I know that our children’s inmvolvement with the ECC, the wonderful Summer camp programs and the Religious School would lead us to  a place that is so much more than a place we go on the High Holidays and a few Saturdays throughout the year.  Those early experiences, led by our children, have created in us a connection with so many people today that now make up our Community Synagogue family.   

Probably the greatest experience with the Synagogue we have had thus far had to be our experiences as Jake worked to become a bar mitzvah two years ago.  Experiences we once again get to enjoy as Max works towards that goal next year.  Going through that process and getting to really see and and feel the close relationship the clergy builds with each family really solidified our bond with the Synagogue and made us truly appreciate the decision we made to join a place that is so much than a beautiful building built in a beautiful setting.

Having now already served two terms and now entering my third term after a short hiatus and being involved in several task forces working on such things as staffing, governance and facilities use  I feel that I am just starting to pay back some of debt I owe to an institution that has brought so much to my family.  Being part of the process that helps to steer not only the present but also the future of such a wonderful place has been an honor and I only hope I can continue to work to make a place that means so much to my immediate family an even better one not only for us but for our entire Community Synagogue family.

Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780