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AttendanceThe Religious School staff works hard to create a meaningful Jewish learning experience for each child.  In order to receive full benefit from our programs, it is essential that a child attend regularly and be prepared to participate fully in class.  In order for a student to be promoted to the next grade, s/he must attend 80% of class sessions or the equivalent of this time.  Make-up assignments and special arrangements will be made if these requirements are not met.  In addition, it is important that students arrive on time for class.  We know that on occasion individual students or a carpool may arrive late for religious classes.  Our concern is not for the exceptions, but rather those who are chronically late.  We urge all parents to start early enough to get their children to class on time.

Early Dismissal

AttendanceDue to the short amount of time that your child spends in religious school, we ask that you do not remove your child from class early.  On occasions when your child must be dismissed early from class, please send him/her with a note to the teacher stating what time the child needs to be dismissed.  Parents must come to the Religious School Office to sign out their child early.

School Closings

AttendanceIn the event of inclement weather or other circumstances which mandate that our school be closed, we will work to inform you as soon as possible.  School closing decisions will be made no later than 1:30pm weekdays and 7:30am on Sundays.   We will send out an email and phone message to all parents using One Call Now, we will update the phone announcement in the Religious School Office, and we will post closings on News 12  If you are unclear as to whether or not school will be closed, please call the Religious School Office at 883-3144 x342 after the noted times.

Tefillah Requirement

AttendanceIn an effort to increase the students’ understanding of and familiarity with our worship service, the Temple Board has passed a resolution requiring attendance at services.  Participating in our community includes participation in our worship.  Service attendance allows a child to get comfortable with the prayer service, to practice Hebrew outside of the classroom and to have a Jewish experience with his/her family.  Students in Grades 3 – 5 will be required to attend the number of services equal to their grade (Grade 3 students must attend 3 services, etc.).  Grade 6 students will be working toward the B'nai Mitzvah requirment of 18 services, which must be complete by Bar/Bat Mitzvah date.  Students can fulfill their requirement by attending Friday night or Shabbat morning services.  Attendance at holiday services will also count toward the requirement, with the exception of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Students will be given service coupons to turn in as proof of attendance at a service.  In order to successfully complete their grade and be promoted in our program, students must fulfill their Tefillah Requirement each year.

Traffic Policy

AttendanceWe must all work together to ensure the safety of our students and families in the parking lot.  During drop off and pick up times, we have hired crossing guards to help dismissal move smoothly and keep our children safe.  Students in Grades K & 1 must be dropped off and picked up at their classroom doors. Students in Grades 2 and up can either be walked in/out of the building by an adult or their parents can choose to use our carpool line. 

Please click here to view our full Traffic Policy and explanation of our Carpool Line.

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